Use a mandibular advancement splint for sleep disorders

One of the common sleep disorders is the obstructive sleep apnoea (or simply OSA), which is caused by blocked airways during sleep. In essence, certain factors (like being overweight, having a large neck or excess fluid in your tissues) can cause your airways to be partially or even completely closed when you sleep. This usually causes sleep disturbances, as you wake up when your blood oxygen levels start dropping too low, which in turn leads to sleepiness during the day.

Another common symptom of OSA is snoring, which can frequently be enough to cause sleep disturbance for your partner as well. Visit to read more about sleep disorders and how a dental appliance can help.

One of the ways in which OSA can be treated is by using a mandibular advancement splint. This is a physical device, typically made of rubber or plastic, which gets inserted into your mouth to keep your airways open, and thus prevent your blood oxygen from dropping too low. Mandibular advancement splint can also help reduce snorting, emandibular advancement splint for snorerven if it’s not caused by OSA specifically. The device itself is usually custom built to fit your mouth and requires a full dental examination before being worn. This is because having your mouth open during night time can lead to your existing dental problems becoming worse.
Other potential side effects include:
excessive saliva production
-dryness in your mouth as you wake up
-gum irritation
-muscle or teeth pain

However, those side effects tend to diminish and disappear over time. If you’re suffering from OSA or want to reduce snoring, then mandibular advancement splint might be for you, and you should have an appointment with your dentist. Usually, your dentist will either be able to make one for you after an assessment or refer to his colleague that specializes in mandibular advancement splints. After assessing the state of your oral health and measuring your mouth, the dentist will be able to customise a mandibular advancement splint that fits you, as well as instruct you on how to properly use and maintain it.

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