Proper tooth implant aftercare

tooth implant aftecare

After having your dental implant surgery you should be informed about proper tips to maintain your dental implants. The first 48 hours are really important because this is the time when various symptoms can be noticed. Let’s read about what could appear after the implant surgery and learn some tooth implant aftercare tips.

Pain, Swelling, Bleeding

These are signs showing that your body is trying to heal itself naturally. You should not remove the gauze packs, keep pressure on … Read more

What is a Dental Bridge?

dental bridge
A dental bridge literally fills and bridges the gap that is created by the loss of teeth. It’s a low risk, tested and affordable treatment for missing teeth, Consisting of two or more artificially created teeth, called as pontics. They are held in place with the help of abutments and or dental crowns to create the dental bridge.

Materials for making a bridge
materials used dental bridge

The artificial tooth is commonly made from ceramics or porcelain though they can also be created

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