Causes of tooth bleeding and how to prevent it

tooth bleeding

One of the most common dental problems faced is tooth bleeding, which is actually bleeding of the gums which are supporting the teeth. The bleeding is noticed while brushing the teeth and also while eating, especially while eating hard foods like apples. The blood will be noticeable since it has a salty taste and is bright red in color. The tooth bleeding is usually caused by a number of reasons, mainly related to gum health. However, according to there can be other factors so read on for more information.

Accordingly, tooth bleeding can be due to hereditary reasons, injuries to the gums and not using the right tools for brushing. But the main reason why teeth start bleeding is unhealthy gums. When there’s a plaque build up along the gums, they become weak, and change their shape. Hence it is important to remove the plaque and ensure that the gums remain healthy. Regular brushing of the gums can help reduce the plaque. A dentist can also remove the plaque and give tips to prevent further similar problems in future. In other cases, the gums may bleed due to hereditary factors and in this case, using a suitable toothpaste recommended by a dentist can help alleviate the bleeding of the teeth to some extent. tooth bleeding

Eating or biting hard foods may cause cuts in the gums and result in bleeding. This bleeding is temporary, yet it can be painful. Hence a person should avoid eating hard foods to the extent possible. In some cases, using a tooth brush with hard bristles can damage the gums and cause bleeding. In these cases, it is advisable to use a tooth brush with soft bristles which will massage the teeth and not cause any injury to the gums. There is a lot of bleeding when a tooth is extracted since the gums are cut open to remove the tooth. The bleeding can continue for up to 24 hours after the tooth extraction and in this case, usually applying ice can help reduce the bleeding. Hence removing teeth should be avoided to the extent possible.

Best Mouth Guard to Protect Teeth During Sports

best mouth guard

The quality of the mouth guard affects the degree of protection that the owner gets, and the majority of the low-priced and readily available oral guards provides bad quality. According to a dentist, the degree of protection that a person gets must be the best aspect to consider and not the price level of the oral guard as you are only totally wasting your money you are uneasy wearing it. There are different reasons why you must wear mouth guards. For athletes, mouth guards can protect your teeth during sports.

Listed below are different types of mouth guards.

Stock mouth guard

This is perceived as the cheapest type of oral guard however it offers inadequate protection. The Person might have a hassle adjusting the oral guard to fit in his teeth because there exists a tendency that this will fall that can trigger discomfort. Wearing this could divert the concentration of the player while playing that can even result to be thrown away.

Boil and Bite mouth guard

This sort can be found in any sports shop, and people love this type because apart from its affordability it can also be modified to fit in the teeth easily. This kind is altered employing hot water however for some who wants to adjust it to the wonderful fitting they opt to ask for help from a dentist.

Custom-fit mouth guards

best mouth guardAn athlete can get this type of oral guard from a dental clinic since this is created in the dental laboratory. Cosmetic dentists clarify that this form of the oral guard will certainly offer the perfect ease and comfort as if the athlete does not wear a mouth guard because it is slender and covers from molar to molar. The sole trouble owning this is that it cannot protect the back teeth and athletes require time to get used of it.

Whatever form of oral guard an athlete prefers the essential factor is the fact that he is comfortable using it and that it offers the best protection. For cosmetic dentists, athletes must always don mouth guard to be secured while on their game. Anybody loves observing a heart-stopping move in a sporting event yet still nobody wishes to see an injured athlete. Gamers as well do not want to be wounded as it may cause them to be eliminated from their team rather than participating in their activities or forever be departing from the squad because of disabilities.

It is crucial for a person to choose the best mouth guard to protect teeth during sports.

Know More About Temporary Tooth Filling

Temporary tooth filling

A temporary tooth filling is a dental treatment to restore the function, integrity, and morphology of the missing tooth structure. The tooth filled is often done through a variety of materials, including amalgam metal, cast gold, ceramic and many more. The new teeth inserted is not real but rather fake.

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Why You Should Get Tooth Fillings

Tooth fillings are important for many different reasons. It is actually seen as a good practice. There are many reasons why people believe in tooth filling to be a good practice. Firstly, tooth filling sometimes provides the support of the tooth that patients often want. They want to make their teeth’s foundation solid. Secondly, fillings are durable. They are reliable. Although they may be fake tooth and not real, tooth filling has benefits that are necessary for the teeth. Tooth Filling still allows a patient to bite and chew as they did before. It removes the cavity that is there in the tooth.

What Tooth Fillings Do

Tooth filling also fixes an injury that is there in the teeth. This further strengthens the foundation of the teeth and the gums. Tooth fillings are also made with materials that are good for the teeth. Tooth fillings can improve the Temporary tooth fillingaesthetic of the teeth, especially when it gets blended with natural teeth. As you blend it with natural teeth, it also brightens and whitens the teeth. Dentists often whiten up the whole teeth in order to add volume into the teeth. So, it is also a good way to get your teeth whitened.

Tooth filling can also be done for a temporary basis. There is no compulsion that tooth filling must be done permanently.

Sometimes, patients prefer temporary tooth filling. There are many reasons why this is so. While some types of fillings can be placed on the same day of tooth decay, some take time to manufacture. This type of tooth filling is less durable. Hence, any form of tooth filling must be taken care of.