Teeth Pain from Braces

teeth pain from braces

Experiencing teeth pain from braces is a common complication and in the vast majority of cases is not something to worry about. A dentist near North Rocks, NSW explains that braces can cause this dental pain after a brace has been first fitted or after subsequent procedures to tighten the device. It’s thought that the tooth pain brought about by braces is caused by changes in blood flow induced by the additional pressure exerted by the braces on the teeth. … Read more

Types of Braces for teeth

types of braces for teeth

Braces are constantly evolving and the improvement has led to modern types of braces that cannot be spotted easily unless dental mirror is used. Out of the many options available , here are the basic types of braces for teeth of each type.

Metal Braces: These are metal brackets with bendable metal wire that is threaded through the brackets to apply pressure on crooked teeth.The metal brackets and wires makes the metal braces very noticeable. These are least … Read more