Benefits Of Jaw Reduction Surgery

skeleton with misaligned jaw needs jaw reduction surgery

Correcting the jaws that do not align properly is a common reason for the jaw reduction surgery. Surgery is done, usually for women, aged 14 to 15 years and for males 17 to 21 years of age. Reconstructive surgery is performed on the jaw to fix functional problems.

Conditions that indicate the need for corrective jaw surgery

  • Difficulty in cutting or chewing problems.
  • Tmj pain or chronic jaw pain and headache.
  • Unbalanced appearance of the face with side or forehead
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White Tongue – How to Get Rid of It?

white tongue

The tongue is undeniably a vital part of the human body. It plays various important roles in the body, which
ranges from being a part of the oral dent to being a digestive organ, and then, being a sense organ that responds to things orally ingested into the body, which to an extent, could determine the edification warranty of a substance.

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