Bruxism In Children: Causes and Treatments

bruxism in children

Bruxism in children is a common dental problem that can cause the enamel to erode. It is also referred to as teeth grinding or clenching. It affects the child’s teeth growth and development of the jaw. If you think your child is grinding his or her teeth, visit the dentist in Wolli Creek who will examine the teeth for chipped enamel and unusual wear and tear. Meanwhile, here is some additional information that you need to know about bruxism in children.

Causes of Bruxism

Quite a big number of children have bruxism across the world. The cause of bruxism is unknown but one of the suspected cause of this problem is misaligned teeth. There are many reasons why children usually grind their teeth, some of the reasons are in case of pain, cerebral palsy and to some, it may be a way of relieving stress.

Some of the effects of bruxism are headaches, problems of the jaw, aches of the ear, and even facial pains. It’s very important that you ensure your child doesn’t chip their teeth or wear out the enamel. Always check your child’s teeth condition.

How to check if your child has bruxism

bruxism in children

It’s very tricky to check if your child has bruxism but the best way that you can know if they are grinding their teeth is when they are asleep. If they are making a grinding noise, then your child has bruxism. Other ways which you can know is if they are complaining of a jaw that is sore and when they chew they experience some pain.

If the children are stressed up and angry, and they produce teeth grinding noises when they sleep, then this can be due to bruxism. It’s vital that you seek medical treatment or even physical therapies.

What to Do

In case you suspect that your child has bruxism, it’s important that you visit the dentist who will do some dental checkups on the child. The dentist will access the condition and if your child has bruxism, he or she gives some treatments. At times, the dentist recommends your child wearing custom mouthguards at night to prevent grinding and soreness of the enamel.

For the Bruxism that is caused by stress, you can take your child to a counselor who will help the child to relieve the stress. Taking a hot bath can also help your child to relieve stress.

Methods on how to stop grinding teeth

grinding teeth

Bruxism or teeth grinding when asleep or awake is a como0n problem in adults as well as children. People who grind their teeth are not aware that they are doing it. It takes them a couple of years to realize, and this is after signs appear and the level of damage is severe. The only way to cure bruxism is to find out why you are doing it and what you can do about it. Click here to find out more about bruxism.

Treatment for grinding teeth.

  • grinding teethGum shield

Among the synthetic treatment options that people usually use to treat this problem is the use of mouth guards. People who use it typically place splints between their teeth to prevent the upper and lower teeth from coming into contact with each other.

  • Nasal clips  

Although this solution has no scientific basis, some patients claim that the use of swimming tongs forces them to breathe through the mouth, which unconsciously prevents the teeth from hurrying against each other for long periods.

  • Mandibular advancement devices

These are mainly used to treat sleep apnea or snoring. However, recent studies have shown that these devices are much more effective than occlusal splints. However, it is thought that the pain caused by these devices is one of the reasons for the reduction of bruxism, which denies its effectiveness as a viable solution to the disease.

  • GrindCare  

GrindCare is one of the most recent methods to treat bruxism. This product not only treats bruxism but also checks on the severity of this condition in absolute numbers. It enables the patient to monitor how often he/she grinds in a given time, and this helps the patient to reduce grinding which results in bad sleep patterns.

While teeth are grinding is a dangerous disorder, you should always look for ways end it before it comes severe as it can lead to serious damage of your teeth if you don’t start doing something about it now.