Keto Bad Breath Remedies

What is Keto Bad Breath?

Keto lousy breath is an unusual breath that has a distinct odor and taster in the mouth. It’s sometimes described as fruity-smelling, with a metallic taste, and a smell similar to a nail polish remover.

A lot of people today goes through different ways to get a slimmer body. One of this is keto diet and there are many others. People aim to have a proportioned body and that is why they are going through all this diet process and others even go for surgical process like lyposuction, breast lift and more. Be it getting a slimmer body or undergoing surgical process for proportioned body figure it is always best to keep note that we need to take care of our body.

What are the causes of Keto Breath?

Keto breath is usually experienced when a person starts on a keto diet. Two main things cause it; the release of ketones by the body through respiration, and food containing too much protein.

Remedies of Keto Bad Breath

Although keto breath is temporary, and the body adjusts after some time (lasting a few days to a few weeks in some cases), there are remedies to lousy keto breath;

  • Eat less protein

A reduction in the intake of protein helps keto breath that smells like sulfur or ammonia. This is because ammonia is produced when the body breaks down protein, so eating less protein will reduce the ammonia-smelling keto breath. After cutting the quantity of protein, increase the consumption of healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, and avocados that can improve your breathing.

  • Increase the number of fluids you take

The body flushes ketones out through urination. Therefore, drinking more fluids will increase urination, which will help reduce keto breath. Also, drinking plenty of fluids prevents having a dry mouth without saliva which is good for oral health. Besides, water flushes the bacteria and food particles lodged in the mouth which may have contributed to the keto breath.

  • bad breath cause keto dietMask it with sugar-free chewing gum or breath freshener

It may sometimes be difficult to get rid of keto breath, especially one released from acetone in the lungs. So, a remedy in such situations is to chew peppermint gum or use a breath freshener. The gum stimulates the production of saliva which is good for the mouth.

  • Increase your intake of carbohydrate

Slightly increasing the number of carbohydrates you eat reduces the number of ketones released by your body, and consequently keto breath.

  • Brush your mouth regularly

Brushing twice daily and daily flossing does not wholly eradicate keto breath but reduces the odor that comes from the mouth. Poor dental hygiene is known to worsen keto breath.

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