How do you know if you need a root canal?

Working closely with your doctor will help you determine whether you need a root canal for your situation or not. In some cases, tooth pain can be so severe especially when they touch on the nerves and this must be handled by experts. Lotus Smiles Dental based in Sunbury have better ways to determine the signs and symptom when the root canal is needed. A regular dental visit is advisable to have your teeth checked and avoid complications that may lead to a root canal.

A root canal is mostly used when the tooth has been extremely affected by decay or tooth cavity. When the tooth is infected, the nerves in the tooth are likely to be affected too hence the need to remove it. Removal of a tooth with infected nerves and blood vessels will require a root canal to ensure all the decay-causing bacteria are removed and the inner part of the teeth cleaned.

Some of the signs that will easily answer the question “how do you know if you need a root canal?” include and are not limited to the following:

1.When the pain is persistent. how do you know if you need a root canal
Tooth pain can’t easily be contained from within and persistent tooth pain can easily determine the need for a root canal. A tooth that requires a tooth canal is likely to cause pain that will make it difficult for you to eat or drink cold water forcing you to visit a dentist for a checkup. Necessary tests should be carried out to help check in case the nerves or blood vessel are inflamed.
2.When the tooth is broken.
A cracked or broken tooth can easily expose the nerves which can lead to various infections. When the infection on the nerves moves to the bloodstream it may become more complicated hence the need to have a root canal to mitigate further infections.
3.Swollen gums and sensitive tooth.
Swollen gums can be an indicator of infection that goes beyond the normal tooth surface. They may require you to have root canal indoor to eliminate the problem. On the other hand, a prolonged sensitive tooth may be an indicator of infected roots hence the need to see a doctor which in most cases may recommend a root canal.

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