Holistic dentistry root canal: What’s the difference?

Humans only have two sets of teeth – the baby or temporary teeth and permanent teeth. We lose all our temporary teeth when we reach the age of 12 or 13, then permanent teeth are all we have. This is the reason why we should take good care of them, they should be able to last us a lifetime. So, if you feel pain on your tooth and your dentist thinks the pulp inside it is damaged, would you easily go for a root canal treatment to save the crown, or would you try holistic dentistry root canal done by alternative dentists? For instance, the LV Dental, a Cabramatta dental centre, offers holistic treatments as well as general dentistry, so it is easier for you to choose which option you would prefer.

Holistic Dentistry: What is it?

Before we understand the difference between the standard root canal treatment procedure and the holistic dentistry root canal treatment, we should first understand the difference between the two dentistry approach. Holistic dentistry is also called alternative, unconventional, or biocompatible dentistry. This will make us think of the difference between general medicine and alternative medicine, and that idea is one and true as well in this situation. For holistic dentists, there are several standard dental procedures that can be replaced by alternative ones, like fluoride varnish application, dental filling, teeth cleaning, gum surgery, and yes, root canal treatment.


What are holistic dentist-approved procedures?

root canal treatmentHolistic dentists believe that natural is best, so making sure that the health and wellness of the human body is preserved is better than searching for treatments. Here are examples of their alternative replacement for standard dental procedures:

  • Amalgam dental fillings should be replaced with composite resin (even thsoe that are still intact).
  • Fluoride application should be stopped because it is still a chemical that can cause more future problems in the body. They would rather make sure that the body is healthy to prevent tooth decay.
  • Typical x-rays are replaced with digital ones.
  • Holistic teeth cleaning uses herbal alternatives like the use of Miswak sticks as used by our ancestors.
  • A holistic dentistry root canal means the tooth is subjected to tooth extraction instead.

Holistic dentistry root canal: What’s the difference?

Holistic dentists believe that if the pulp of the tooth is already damaged, complete extraction of the tooth is better than retaining the crown and just removing the diseased inner tooth materials and nerves. For these alternative dentists, doing so will subject patients from possible systemic infections especially if the diseased nerves are not completely removed. They also think that the chemicals used to sterilize the area during the procedure would cause harm in the body. Those are the reasons why biocompatible dentists would more likely recommend tooth extraction over root canal treatment.

Which would you choose? Knowing that dentistry also has an alternative or biological counterpart may be a bit confusing to patients. So, if you are the patient and you need more clarification on the matter, do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with your dentist. They are knowledgeable about the topic so you should be fairly guided and your choice should be made intelligently without bias.


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