Dental Veneer Before and After The Treatment

Tooth veneers are often recommended for patchy and damaged teeth as well as for teeth with gaps. There are cases of tooth staining that can not be remedied by regular whitening procedures because the problem is no longer superficial, but is referred to by the dentists as internal patches.

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There are also cases where the teeth are damaged by certain habits such as grinding too many teeth and drinking coffee, tea, and similar colored drinks. Gaps between teeth occur in some people due to various factors. All this can be solved by veneers, which are also called laminates.

At the initial consultation, expect your dentist to examine your dental problems. Your dental history and records should also be checked and reffered. This is just to make sure that a potential risk is prevented. You should also ask the dentist if you have any questions or concerns about the procedure and recovery and maintenance requirements dental veneer before and after they have been placed on your teeth.

dental veneer beforeOnce the dentist sees that you are a good candidate for the treatment, your next visit will include preparing your teeth for the laminates. Your dentist will remove an enamel layer. The thickness of the enamel layer taken out should be the thickness of the laminates placed on your teeth.

Models of your teeth being treated are made to make an exact fit of your laminates. Temporary are placed on your teeth so that they do not remain unprotected. The models of your teeth are given to the lab where your permanent veneers are created.

Once it’s done, the positioning of the laminates is checked. The trimming and adjusting of the color tone take place until they correspond to your natural teeth. They are cemented and finished with a dental beam to harden the cement.

Laminates are inherently stain resistant. But once you have laminates, that does not mean you do not have to worry about them. On the contrary, it is essential that they are treated with special care. You need to follow daily oral hygiene and dental care. You must avoid those habits that have contributed to making your teeth stained and damaged.

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