What you need to know about a dental handpiece repair service

In a dental practice, you will one time or another, need a dental handpiece repair service. Click this link to read more about how to repair your dental handpiece.


What is a dental handpiece repair service?

These repair services would provide the skills necessary, as well as the high attention to detail needed to restore dental tools. The wear and tear of instruments used in dental procedures are normal, and the frequent use of these tools will take their toll. 


What are the services that they provide?

Different dental specialties use various types of equipment and tools that all need maintenance.

Manufacturer-authorized repair service. The tools you purchase for your dental practice would already be linked to many repair service providers, however, if the warranty expires, you can choose your repair service, but you have to make sure that the repair service that is authorized by the manufacturer of your tools. This will ensure the best possible outcome of the repair.


Equipment installation. These repair service companies also provide installation services for equipment. They may be in charge of the initial installation of the equipment as well as the repair and maintenance of the tools and equipment in your dental practice.


Programs on preventive maintenance. One of the services these companies would provide would be programs on preventive maintenance, that will help you be better able to maintain your equipment for longer, while not needing any form of repair services during that time.


Telephone support. They will also offer trained staff to monitor the phones in case you would be needing any technical support through the phone. 


Why do you need a dental handpiece repair service?

dental handpiece repair

While these repair services come at a price, it is always cheaper to pay for the cost of repairs rather than to buy a new set of tools and equipment. The people behind the repairs are trained to repair the handpieces and bring them back to top-notch quality again. Handpieces that are well-kept will ensure that the patients who visit your practice will be satisfied with your service and care.

If you repair the tools yourself, you stand to cause more harm than good to your equipment. If you do not have the proper training and knowledge to do repairs on your own, it is a much better option to entrust your equipment and tools to a dental handpiece repair service. 


How often should tools be serviced?

Unfortunately, this is not an exact science. The tools used in a dentist’s office are used often and would get rotated in use daily and weekly. There would be “favorite” tools that would get used more often than others. The trick is knowing when your tools would be needing maintenance. If you follow the manufacturer’s recommended working speeds and specifications of your tools, you will be able to keep them in good condition for longer.

If you feel that your equipment is needing repair and maintenance, contact the dental handpiece repair service that is affiliated to the manufacturer of your tools. They will be able to help you maintain your tools in a way that will benefit your dental practice and patients’ oral health in the long run. 

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