Tips for effective cost-cutting on dental equipment supply

The supply chain management in hospitals differs from dental practices in the sense that very few dental clinics and offices take initiative and interest in maintaining a good dental equipment supply. Hospitals and other medical service facilities include supply chain management as one of their criteria in having a well-maintained practice, while dental clinics rely on online shopping of dental equipment. Although buying equipment for your clinic at, for instance, is not really a bad idea, there are other ways that you can ensure your practice saves money and continues your work quality through wise dental equipment supply management.


Dental equipment supply chain management

Several business owners who have properties related to dental services can easily gain profit entirely from three aspects of your practice: the structure, your dental supplies, and your equipment. If you are a dentist and you know the ins and outs of this concept, it will be easier for you to open your own practice.

What’s the difference between dental equipment and supply?

dental equipment and supply

Let us look at it in a simpler manner. Dental supplies are described as materials you need in your dental practice that needs to be replenished on a regular basis. Sterile gloves, cotton balls, gauze pads,  toothbrushes, floss, anesthesia, and many others are considered dental supplies. Dental equipment, on the other hand, are big pieces of machines or technology that you use to perform your dental services and procedures. Your dental chair, different types of handpiece, x-ray machines, compressors, and autoclave, among others are considered dental equipment.


Tips on how to save money on dental equipment supply


Buy dental supplies in bulk. Especially those that you need to replenish more often than others. Dentists never reuse consumable products so as to prevent contamination and spread of germs from one patient to another. It is in their code of conduct to ensure good hygiene practices within the vicinity of their dental practice. If you buy these products in bulk, you may save money since many dental supply stores offer discounts when you buy more. They can also offer free shipping and delivery, so it both saves you time, money, and effort to get them all in bulk.


Get quality equipment. They may cost you more at first, but maintaining good-quality equipment saves you time and money because their performance can last a long, long time compared to cheaper equipment. You can also check their product warranty so you can take advantage of their free parts replacement and maintenance services.


Get a hold of the best distributor. Showing loyalty to one distributor gives you an easier means of communication. If your supplies come from different distributors, miscommunication and additional effort to reach out when delivery or shipping delays happen can be bothersome. With one distributor delivering all your supply needs, you can trust that they will help you lower your costs and help you gain profit by giving you the best options. They can also give you rebates and loyalty incentives if you have been a constant business partner.

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