What Should You Do For Chipped Teeth Repair?

Chipped teeth can not only be a constant source of embarrassment, but they can also cause other conditions that can be painful for a person. On the one hand, fractures that are located on the tooth crown can not only cause the deterioration of your pearl white but also cause severe tooth infections.

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First, have your chipped teeth checked by a dentist. The doctor would most likely perform a series of tests including X-rays on you to estimate the extent of the chipping. Sometimes it would not be serious and would require only a simple procedure, but there are also cases where the teeth around it are affected. A clear indication of this is when the tooth hurts.

One of the easiest ways to have chipped teeth repair is to reshape them. This is possible if the damage exists only in the email. The chip is smoothed and polished until it looks more natural. The procedure is quite simple and can be completed after only one session with the dentist. Tooth transformation is not an option if the damage is under the enamel or dentin of the tooth, as bacteria can pass through it. In such cases, the dentist will choose a more complex solution.

What Should You Do For Chipped Teeth RepairIf the chipping has occurred recently, keep the chipped part in a milk solution or salt water. This is useful if you intend to stick it to your chipped teeth. Bonding is similar to tooth transplantation, but the difference is that the chipped piece is returned to the damaged teeth. A primer is applied to assemble the parts. If you do not have the broken piece, the dentist will most likely glue a filling of the same color as your other teeth, so it does not look artificial.

If the chip shows the possibility of nerve injury, the doctor can do two things. He can either lay veneers or if it’s serious, crowns in the affected teeth. Veneer is a coating that is placed on chipped teeth. It’s made from very thin porcelain laminates and looks natural, which is why it’s usually preferred by most people. Crowns, on the other hand, are used for those who have been treated for tooth decay or have severely damaged teeth. It’s a cap that protects the tooth from further damage and protects it from bacteria.

After repairing your chipped teeth, do not forget to follow proper oral hygiene. This will prevent the damage from spreading to your other teeth. Visit your dentist regularly and adjust to a calcium-rich diet.

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