What you need to know about a dental handpiece repair service

dental handpiece repair

In a dental practice, you will one time or another, need a dental handpiece repair service. Click this link to read more about how to repair your dental handpiece.


What is a dental handpiece repair service?

These repair services would provide the skills necessary, as well as the high attention to detail needed to restore dental tools. The wear and tear of instruments used in dental procedures are normal, and the frequent use of these tools will take Read more

Black Spot on Tooth

black spot on tooth

There are several causes for a tooth having a black spot and its origin depends on whether the damage is external or internal. Unfortunately, no matter the reason, a black spot will need professional care to correct.

External damage is the better of the two scenarios as these causes are easier to treat and the tooth itself isn’t compromised. A common cause of a black spot is the staining of the tooth enamel from substances like coffee, tobacco, or medications. … Read more

Use a mandibular advancement splint for sleep disorders

mandibular advancement splint for sleep disorders

One of the common sleep disorders is the obstructive sleep apnoea (or simply OSA), which is caused by blocked airways during sleep. In essence, certain factors (like being overweight, having a large neck or excess fluid in your tissues) can cause your airways to be partially or even completely closed when you sleep. This usually causes sleep disturbances, as you wake up when your blood oxygen levels start dropping too low, which in turn leads to sleepiness during the day.… Read more

Canker Sore Prevention

canker sore prevention

Canker sores are non-contagious though painful ulcers that form either at the base of gums or on the soft tissue within the mouth. Since researchers increasingly suspect that canker sores are caused by a complex interaction between multiple factors, it logically follows that canker sore prevention should entail a similarly multi-factorial approach.  It’s no longer new that a trip to the dentist is the main way to prevent oral disease. But sometimes,  a canker sore prevention takes more than just … Read more

Dental care after tooth extraction

care after tooth extraction

A tooth extraction refers to a procedure of removing a tooth from its socket. Like most other procedure, tooth extraction is not free of possible complications, so it’s extremely important for a patient to know proper tooth extraction aftercare in order to minimalize the chance of infection and to promote faster healing.

The very first thing you should do after leaving the dental office is making sure you’re still biting on a gauze pad given and placed by your dentist … Read more

Children’s Dentistry

children's dentistry

Oral hygiene for children is important since they have sensitive and a unique dental need that should be taken care of to ensure that they enjoy healthy dental care in the future. There are a number of dentists who have specialized in children’s oral treatment. It is very important to ensure that your kids visit a dental clinic on a regular basis.

Teeth need care and attention at each age but as at a tender age, teeth are more vulnerable … Read more