Full mouth dental implants

full mouth dental implants

If you lost most if not all of your teeth, it shouldn’t have to be the end of the world. The’re can only be one permanent solution for you and it’s none other than a full mouth dental implants.  A Sydney CBD dental clinic with experience in digital implants recommends a  full mouth dental implants which may translate to replacing all the affected or lost teeth. The procedure involves replacing the natural teeth that have been lost as well as … Read more

How to Stop Tooth Sensitivity after Whitening

how to stop tooth sensitivity after whitening

Teeth whitening is a great way to get your smile back after years of staining your teeth with black coffee, chocolate and cigarettes. Unfortunately, most teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide which thins out the enamel covering your dentin and leaves your teeth vulnerable to extreme temperatures. While the pain may not last long, here are some useful tips from drhornsbydental.com.au on how to stop tooth sensitivity after whitening;

1.Use a desensitizing treatment.

There are several ways you … Read more

Teeth Bonding vs Veneers

teeth bonding vs veneers

Cosmetic dentistry helps improve quality of healthy teeth and smile. Practices like dental bonding and application of veneers that are commonly used to mend cavities or fix broken and chipped teeth. Veneers cover the entire front surface of the tooth, whereas bonding involves smaller parts of a single tooth. Both bonding and veneers are used to reshape and enhance an angle, color, or spacing of your teeth. Boost your smile by fixing an appointment with your cosmetic dentist at Dental Read more

Sedation And Implant Dentistry

Sedation And Implant Dentistry

Are you looking for the best dentistry method? Which types do you know? Well, in this piece, I’ll tell you more about sedation and implant dentistry. So if you have no idea of what these two means, read this piece to find out.

If you are interested in implant dentistry, visit and try the digital implant procedure in Sydney.

Sedation dentistry

Sedative dentistry is one of the best dental methods. It allows dental patients to undergo dental treatment with … Read more

Dental Bone Graft Aftercare

A dental bone graft aftercare is vital for proper and fast healing. It helps to reduce the possibility of other dental complications that may arise after the procedure. If you have undergone a bone graft, visit https://dentistsdoncaster.com.au/ to know more on dental bone graft and below are some of the aftercare techniques that you should follow.

Take Prescribed Painkillers and Antibiotics

After this procedure, the dentist will prescribe you painkillers to help ease the pain which is mostly Advil or-TylenolRead more

Senior Smiles Glimmer With A Spotlight On Oral Health

Senior Smiles

A senior smile is a deterrent focused oral health supervision program provided by oral health therapists and dental hygienists just like the dentist in Cranbone and visiting their website https://dentistsdoncaster.com.au/ to know more. The program offers residents in aged care establishments with oral well-being risk evaluation, care strategies and forwarding pathways for oral surgeons in dental therapy.

Elderslie Foundation Australia limited will offer Dr. Janet Wallace and her group from University of Newcastle who are behind this program a grant … Read more