Benefits Of Corrective Jaw Surgery

Even with recent advancements in today’s methods of treating the dental problem, some skeletal or dental non-uniformities can now be dealt with corrective jaw surgeries. Though it sounds technical, it’s not that serious, and some doctors might even label it as a routine procedure every now and then. Corrective jaw surgery is carried out often to extract impacted wisdom teeth or to place dental implants in the jaws. Other functions may include underbites (a common problem), congenital abnormalities and even can help cure sleep apnea.

Corrective jaw surgery in Melbourne does have reliable doctors that would be able to provide the necessary treatment for this type of operation.

Who Benefits?

Overall, people who counter problems related to jaws and tooth alignment such as chewing and sleeping can all benefit after undergoing this surgery. While mostly it’s the teeth that need alignments which can straighten out using braces, sometimes it’s the jaw that is out of place. After thorough examinations from professional orthodontists, if it actually is the jaw that is unbalanced, jaw surgery is carried out. Either way, braces, and retainers are used both prior to and after the treatment to ensure getting positive results.

Some common conditions that can be treated by this surgery include:

  • Corrective JawObstructive sleep apnea
  • Difficulty in chewing, sleeping or taking a bite
  • Protruding jaw or a receding chin
  • Facial trauma
  • Incapability to make lips meet
  • Dry mouth every now and then
  • Severe overbites
  • Unbalanced face from the sides or the front

The Procedure:

Like mentioned above, there can be many possibilities why the corrective jaw surgery may be needed, and so, each surgery is carried out differently. The very first step, of course, is the consultations amongst the dental team. After that, a step by step plan will be developed using an advanced software. The treatment is carried out in a hospital and you will be given an anesthesia to stay numb to pain. You may encounter pain and swelling post procedure which can be controlled with the help of a liquid diet.

Your condition will be closely monitored after corrective jaw surgery while you simultaneously enjoy the new look of yourself.

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