All You Need To Know About Complete Dentures

Complete dentures, also known as full dentures are removable device made of acrylic or porcelain used to replace missing teeth. They are very helpful especially when you lose all your teeth to retain your smiling confidence. Indications that can lead to complete dentures include; gross intraoral tissue resulting from intraoral cancer, missing teeth as well as inappropriate dental implants. But prior to considering this procedure though you might wanna read about the cost of full dentures at

There are two main categories of complete dentures namely conventional dentures which can only be ready for placement in about eight or twelve weeks after teeth removal and immediate complete dentures which can be placed immediately after teeth removal. These main categories emanate with three types namely; Over dentures, metal based dentures and conventional complete dentures.

Over dentures

These are complete dentures that can fit over implants, they are also capable of fitting over two or more roots that have been stabilised.

Metal based dentures complete dentures

These are dentures which contain metal as pert of the base, these metal is placed on the tissue bearing side and aids in accurate replacement fit. This type of dentures also improve heat conduction from food thus improving food consumption experience.

Conventional complete dentures

This is a type of denture are placed six months after the immediate complete dentures. This type of dentures are fabricated with acrylic resin and rely on saliva, alveolar ridge and other supporting elements for retention.

However, there are some contraindications of complete dentures such as allergic reactions to the acrylic used to fabricate complete dentures, severe resorption of dental alveolar ridges which would compromise complete dentures retention as well as the unwillingness of the patient to having a removable device to replace the missing teeth. Adapting to living with complete dentures can be difficult but with advice from the dentist on what to expect makes it easy. Make sure you maintain them in good shape by cleaning them.

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